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Nervous System Reset:

Becoming Grounded, Aligned and Centered

Feel the moist, rich soil of Mother Earth.
Open to the Sacred Otherworldliness of  Father Sky.
Let your spine become long, and your breath become wide.
This 15 minute guided meditation will sweep your attention away from stressful mental loops and ground you into the safety of Mother Earth and the healing power of becoming still in your breath and in your bones.  Recalibrate your nervous system and rest your mind.  Then continue your day with the power that comes from being deeply embodied.


CAROL BRISKIN is a Certified Trauma Professional and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner with 40 years of experience.  Originally trained in New York, she began studying energy medicine before it entered the mainstream culture. Fascinated by the idea of increasing and balancing life force, Carol expanded her skills to include craniosacral work, foot reflexology, nervous system balancing, Reiki, transformational breath work, and trauma informed counseling. In 1993 she became an approved trainer for the American Polarity Therapy Association, and taught a whole new generation of therapists at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and  Gift of Health Massage College.

Carol has presented her work nationally for the American Polarity Therapy Association  and served on a panel of experts for both the American Massage Therapy Association and Arizona State University School of Complimentary Medicine.  She is a referring therapist for The Meadows, an internationally known trauma and addiction center in Wickenburg, Arizona. She has taught in eleven cities and two continents.  Her talk on Body Centered Psychotherapy, delivered to the Department of Psychology at Mesa College, can be found on YouTube, and her podcasts can be found on Spotify and iTunes.

Carol is passionate about life force- building it, freeing it, and cultivating its journey through the streams and eddies of our bodies. She believes firmly in Carl Jung’s assertion that “Beneath the wound, lies the genius.”  By consciously entering the portal of our deepest wounding we find our greatest gifts.  Carol’s greatest gift is facilitating this journey for others.

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